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2018 B52 Stratofortress Reunion, Rendezvous One-Three

2018 Group Image

Group Photo 2018 Reunion							

 A high quality image (4.8mb) can be downloaded here

Next Reunion 2020

  • 2020 B52 Stratofortress Rendezvous
  • When: Summer of 2020
  • Where: Seattle, WA at a hotel TBD
  • A list of activities and a registration form will be provided at a later date

A Great Way to Promote a Sense of Community & Share Experiences

One of the purposes of the Association—which we take very seriously—is to promote a sense of community, of shared experience among the tens of thousands of people who’ve been a part of the history of the B-52.

You Say Reunion, We Say Rendezvous

An important part of carrying out this responsibility are our reunions,
which we call Rendezvous.  We meet every other year on even-numbered years.

How We Select a Date & Location

Several considerations help select a specific date and site.

  • We try to avoid conflicting with reunions of other organizations that our members are likely to want to attend.
  • We try to pick a site that’s appropriate and affordable. Soon after organizing, it was decided to move the site around the country each time in recognition of the national scope of our membership.  View map of past Rendezvous sites (.pdf) .
  • Though not required, we have also tried to have some B-52 presence. We have met at both of the active B-52 bases, Barksdale AFB in Louisiana and Minot AFB in North Dakota, and at the sites of several museum and static display BUFs.

Our Last Rendezvous was 2016


Omaha, Nebraska

Past B-52 Reunion