B-52 Stratofortress Association Bylaws



1. The purpose of the B-52 Stratofortress Association is to document and perpetuate the history of the B-52 Stratofortress aircraft. Activities to this end shall include, but not be limited to the following:

a. The accumulation, exchange, and distribution of historical information on the B- 52.

b. Collection of historical materials relating to the design, development, and operation of the B-52. These materials are currently archived at the Castle Air Museum in Atwater, California.

c. Publication of a newsletter to inform the active membership of the Associations’ activities and to carry out the first activity.

d. Sponsorship of periodic meetings or business may be accomplished through the internet to:

(1) Accomplish the business of the Association.

(2) Exchange current and historical information concerning the B-52.

(3) Generate and encourage an interest in the Association and its activities.

(4) Foster camaraderie among the membership.

e. Be a source of commemorative items highlighting the B-52 and its service.



1. Membership in the Association is open to anyone with an historical interest in the aircraft or its mission.

2. Active Association members must be current in their dues. Delinquent members are not eligible to attend Rendezvous or to receive the newsletter.

3. The former, now dissolved, Arc Light/Young Tiger organization has been absorbed into the B-52 Stratofortress Association.


Board of Directors

1. Board members must be active members of the Association. The President of the Association will serve as Chairman of the Board. It is desired there be maintained an odd-number of Elected Directors.

2. The President/Chairman, subject to board approval, may appoint members to serve on the Board for each Director vacancy resulting from resignations or other causes.

3. The President may appoint special advisors to lead projects approved by the Board. Special Advisors will report to the President but are subject to Board oversight.

4. All directors are required to attend regularly scheduled Board meetings except when excused by the President.

5. As Board vacancies occur in the future, it is intended that recruiting should include members with B-52 experience in major conflicts subsequent to the Vietnam War.



1. All officers/Board Members must be current dues paying active members of the Association.

2. The Chairman of the Board is an Elected Director and serves as President of the Association. The President/Chairman of the Board shall:

a. By reason of the office, be a member of all committees established by the Board.

b. Call business meetings of the Association.

c. Convene such meetings of the Board in person or on the internet as necessary.

d. Nominate a Vice President for approval by the Board.

e. Represent or delegate his authority to represent the Association as required.

3. The Vice President of the Board assumes the duties, responsibilities, and authority of the President in the event of the temporary absence of the President. The Vice President shall:

a. Coordinate the activities of all committees.

b. Perform duties as directed by the President.

4. The Secretary will:

a. Maintain all necessary records of the Association.

b. Give notice of and attend all meetings of the Board and general membership meetings and keep the minutes thereof.

c. Administratively process elections and other votes.

d. Perform other duties as directed by the Chairman.

5. The Treasurer will:

a. Collect all dues, contributions, and other funds and deposit or invest these funds as directed by the Board.

b. Have Custody of all funds of the Association and make disbursement only as authorized by the Board.

c. Submit an annual report of the financial affairs of the association to the Board not later than 60 days after the end of the Association’s fiscal year. Submit a quarterly report of financial activity and copies of bank statements to the President. Be audited at the direction of the Board

d. Perform duties as directed by the President.

6. The Membership Director will:

a. Accept membership applications.

b. Coordinate the payment and transfer of members’ dues received with the Treasurer.

c. Maintain a list of active members and lapsed members.

d. Provide a list of members quarterly to the Newsletter Editor.

6. The Newsletter Editor will:

a. Collect stories and publish a newsletter quarterly.

b. Provide a printed and/or a digital copy of each newsletter to active members.

7. The Webmaster will:

a. Act as supervising webmaster of the Association, responding to both internal/external issues affecting the website and questions/problems from within the membership.



1. The Board will submit to a vote of the full membership such issues as it determines appropriate for consideration by the membership at large.

2. A majority of the responses received by the designated Association officer no greater than 60 days after a vote is submitted (mailed/emailed) to the membership shall decide the issue.

3. For the Board to act on an issue, a quorum of more than half of the Directors including the President or Vice President must be present.

4. Each Elected or Appointed Director is entitled to one vote on every issue.

5. A simple majority of the Directors present to a quorum of the Board will pass any issue considered by the Board.

6. An issue which requires a vote by the “entire” Board requires that every member of the Board be polled. Such poll may be conducted via mail, facsimile, electronic mail, Zoom or other written means.

7. The response time for any written means shall be as determined appropriate by the President, but in no case less than 72 hours. Any issue not receiving the minimum number of affirmative votes within the specified time period shall be deemed defeated.


Nominations and Elections

1. The President will appoint a Head of the Nominating committee, who shall solicit nominations for directors through the Newsletter or other appropriate means from the general membership. Directors may continue to serve indefinitely until they resign or are removed, for reason, by the Board.

2. Due to the expense of postage, nominations and elections may be conducted by electronic means if necessary. Members without electronic access shall be personally responsible to cast their vote by other means.

3. The nominating committee shall select candidates who commit to attending all Board meetings and are willing to accept certain assignments assigned by the Board or President.

4. Failure by a Board Member to attend two consecutive meetings will cause the Board to review the reasons for absence and take the appropriate corrective action.

5. An outgoing President will remain in office to preside at the first regularly-scheduled meeting of the newly elected Board. All officers will remain in place until either re- appointed or their replacements have been approved by a majority vote of the Board.

6. The new President will be elected from among the members of the newly constituted Board during the first Board meeting after each election. The incumbent President will preside over the first meeting until a new President is established by a majority vote of the new Board. Nominations for President will be taken from the floor at the first board meeting. President’s serve at the pleasure of the Board and can be removed by Board action as outlined in Article X, Section 3b.

7. All officers are nominated by the incoming President and approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.


Dues and Contributions

1. Persons eligible for membership under Article II may establish membership by completion of the requirements established by the Board of Directors.

2. The Board is authorized to accept dues, fees, contributions, donations, and bequests to the Association from appropriate sources in accordance with current policies established by the Board.



1. The business, property, and funds of the Association shall be managed and controlled by the Board. The Board shall carry out the objectives of the Association as stated in these Bylaws and be responsive to the wishes of the membership. The Board shall have full power and authority to decide, determine, and authorize all acts of the Association not prohibited by laws or these Bylaws.

2. In the event of vacancy of the office of the President, the powers and duties of the office shall temporarily revert to the Vice President.

3. In the event neither the President nor the Vice President is present at a Board meeting, an acting President will be selected by a majority vote of the Board.

4. Any member of the Association may attend Board or Committee meetings as a non- participating observer. Any party having any business to present to such Board or Committee may request the President or committee to include it on the agenda at least thirty days before the scheduled meeting.

5. The fiscal year of the Association will run from 1 January to 31 December.


Committees, Meetings, and Appointments

1. Committees: The President, the Vice President, or the Board shall appoint such committees as necessary. The identity and purpose of any ad hoc committee must be communicated to the Board.

2. Meetings: All meetings will be called and held in accordance with these Bylaws. The Board of Directors will meet at least annually, and such meetings in years not concurrent with a rendezvous may be made electronically and called by the President.

3. Appointments: All appointments of individuals to positions with the Association shall be made in accordance with these Bylaws.


Resignation or the Removal of Members, Directors, or Officers

1. The Board is empowered to remove from membership any member by two-thirds majority vote of the entire Board

2. Any Director may be removed from the Board by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board.

3. Resignation/Removal of Officers:

a. The President, Vice President, or other officer may resign their positions at any time, but shall retain Board Membership, if applicable, unless they also resign their elected Board membership.

b. The President, Vice President, or other Officer may be removed from their positions, but not from the Board, if applicable, by a two-thirds vote of the entire Board for removal.

4. If the President resigns or is removed by Board action, that individual will be replaced under the procedures normally used after an election. The Vice President will preside until a new President is elected.

5. If the Vice President or other Officer resigns or is removed by Board action, he or she will be replaced in accordance with Article VI, Section 6.



1. The Bylaws will be reviewed periodically and revised as necessary to reflect current Association policies and procedures.

2. A two-thirds vote of the entire Board is required to amend, alter, or repeal these Bylaws.


REVISED: 5 August 2006, 30 September 2010, and 10 September 2012
REVISED: 6 February 2021

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