Current Operations

As combat operations are prolonged in both Afghanistan and Iraq, the B-52 continues to play its part, largely by providing close air support to troops in contact, with the GPS guided GBU-31/32 Joint Direct Attack Munition as the weapon of choice. The BUF presently carries 12.

Most recently the B-52 has been called on once again to signal US determination and readiness. In the light of increased Chinese and North Korean military posturing, Stratoforts have returned to their old Vietnam base of operations, Andersen AFB on Guam, as part of a continuous deployed bomber presence forward in the Pacific.

After more than fifty years of hot and cold war service, the Boeing B-52 remains one of the most versatile, lethal, and feared weapons in the US’s Global Power arsenal.

Weapons Carriage Capability of the B-52H

How many bombs can the B-52 carry?



MK82 (500 lb) - 51

MK84 (2000 lb) - 18

MK117 (750 lb) - 51

BDU-48 - 17


CBU-87 - 40

CBU-89 - 42

Laser Guided

GBU-10 - 8 to 10

GBU-12 - 10

GBU-28 - 4

Other Advanced

JDAM - 12 JSOW - 12 (in development)

WCMD - 16


Conventional Air Launched Cruise Missiles (CALCM) - 20

Harpoon (Anti-Ship Missile) - 8

AGM-142 (television guided missile) - 4

[Normal load is 3 with a controller]

[4 can be carried with a "hand off to another aircraft with a controller pod installed.]


MK56 - 20

MK62 - 51

MK63 - 18

MK65 - 18


Advanced Cruise Missiles (ACM) - 12

Air Launched Cruise Missiles (ALCM) - 20

Bombs - 8


NOTE 1: Please note that these are MAXIMUM configurations and do not necessarily indicate loads commonly carried on the aircraft.

Capacities as listed are for carriage of that weapon type only and not in combination with other weapons. For example, you cannot carry 51 500 lb bombs and 30 1000 lb bombs at the same time.

NOTE 2: We have received a number of letters stating something to the effect that "I know the aircraft can carry more bombs than you say", etc. Many people recall that the "Big Belly" modified D models could carry many more weapons (which they could).

The H cannot carry as many bombs as the modified D's could. There may be variations where it is possible to carry more or less weapons than indicated here.

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Next Reunion: Early September 2024

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Touring Tinker AFB - Where prototype B-52H is being re-engined